As a creative and innovative production agency, we take it as our responsibility to constantly look for innovative ways to deliver sustainable projects. We strive and challenge ourselves to create the best sustainable brand experiences. To us, sustainability means using sustainably certified materials, reusing our materials, and/or creating new products of our waste. We try to inspire our beloved clients to go for green projects.


For the coming period, the materials we use are our priority. We will rely on these 3 standards:

  1. We try not to use: Materials that have a negative impact on the environment and have a short lifespan. We are currently looking for ways not to use these materials and find substitutes.
  2. We prefer not to use: Materials that are non-recyclable but have a long lifespan. There are not always good substitutes available yet.
  3. We try to use as much as possible: Materials that have a long lifespan and are recyclable.


The last months of 2020 were rough times for everybody. This is why we came up with a little Xmas-present for our relations to help lift their day! We asked our clients and team to donate their plastic waste to us. We used it to create this new product and are proud to present this charging dock, a collab with our local and sustainable partner ‘Plaatjesmakers’.


Early 2021 we are moving to our new office in Westzaan, also known as The Eydenberg Campus. We are the architect of our new office and sustainability is our highest aim, so our new office had to be in line with our vision. The new premises will be fitted with solar panels, A +++ insulation, circular concrete, no gas, LED lighting, grass tiles in the parking lot, and more.


We believe sustainability and health go hand in hand. That’s why we try to motive our team to exercise together. When the entire team is happy & healthy we can create the most creative projects, a gym where we can exercise together contributes to that. Table tennis, table football or a board game keep us sharp too!


In collaboration with the students of the HMC in Amsterdam, we created this really cool bag with parts of our old working clothes in it. THE EYDEN CIRCLE is happy that we can help to make the world a little bit more sustainable and we will continue to come up with new ways to do so.