adidas x Originals

Look at this cool production we did for the adidas Originals Store in Amsterdam. We designed and created an interactive floor, as soon as you walk across it, the animation interacts with you. We also produced the claw machine in which consumers could play to win an adidas Originals keychain.

VANS x Maha Amsterdam


We are very proud to present yet another iconic brand experience. In honor of the launch of the Vans x Maha OG Style 36 Lx we designed, produced, and installed this project in collaboration with Vans at the Maha store in Amsterdam. Store visitors could go down the slide, check out the new shoe at the flat-belt conveyor, and sit down at a very creative and typical Dutch couch.

Tommy Hilfiger x Tommy Jeans Summer

To celebrate the launch of the Summer ‘19 collection, we produced and delivered the window campaign across Europe, and even in Japan! The concept was inspired by the inflatable sky dancers, enriched with a touch of summer!

de Bijenkorf

THE EYDEN BERG produced this window campaign for de Bijenkorf. It is mostly produced with sustainable materials, like the rocks that are made from recycled styrofoam. Also, the paint that was used is water-based. We are extremely proud of this sustainable and balanced project.


Hugo Boss

We are the proud partner of Hugo Boss for the seasonal window updates in all stores in the Benelux. We install all decorative elements and style them together with the VM-team of Hugo Boss. This way we make sure the implementation goes well and every small adjustment can be fixed on the spot.

G-star RAW x Snoop Dogg

For this project THE EYDEN BERG designed, produced and installed the window campaign for the ‘Say it witcha booty’ campaign featuring Snoop Dogg. Not only in The Netherlands but also for 27 stores worldwide.

VANS x Anaheim Factory Pack

VANS x Anaheim Factory Pack

Vans launched the Anaheim Factory Pack to honour the first Vans factory, based in Anaheim, California. To pay a tribute to more than 50 years ‘’Off The Wall’’ design history, we reproduced the old factory into the most visited window of the Netherlands, the corner window at de Bijenkorf Amsterdam. To display their unique way of producing, we added their most recognizable production facility item in the factory: the oven. Vans is one of the few brands that uses an oven to create the sole this way. We are proud to say that we did the design, production and installation for this project. We collected many second hand materials to keep the old factory look and feel.